Testing ESLint Rules with Vitest


I recently needed to write a custom lint rule for a project that uses Vitest to run its tests. ESLint provides great tools for testing custom rules through the RuleTester class, but using it directly would mean that this project needed two different test runners to be run all of the tests. This got me thinking: is there a way to run the tests for the lint rule using Vitest?

It turns out, there is! RuleTester is cleverly designed for exactly this purpose. There are three static methods that can be overwritten on the RuleTester class to allow it to integrate with any test runner that you want. In a test helper, I defined a new class like this:

import { describe, it } from "vitest";
import { RuleTester } from "eslint";

export class VitestRuleTester extends RuleTester {
  static describe(message, callback) {
    describe(message, callback);

  static it(message, callback) {
    it(message, callback);

  static itOnly(message, callback) {
    it.only(message, callback);

Now, after generating a lint rule using the typical Yeoman generator, you can replace the import of RuleTester from the eslint module with an import of this subclass that we’ve defined. Voilà! Your ESLint rule tests are now running with Vitest.

For a deeper example of testing an ESLint rule with Vitest, you can check out my example project here.