Writing a local @types Package


I recently worked on a Node.js project in TypeScript that made use of my usual suite of tools:

  • ava with ts-node for testing
  • eslint for linting
  • Good ol’ tsc to compile my TypeScript files into JavaScript

This all worked great when there was little-to-no tsconfig.json customization present, but I ran into a situation that caused me some trouble.

A third-party package with an npm scope (meaning the name looks something like @organization/package-name) did not come with type definitions, nor were they available from Definitely Typed. I could write a local type definition by extending typeRoots in the TypeScript configuration file, but this didn’t work well for ts-node which, by default, ignores that property. I tried to configure paths instead but could not get that working correctly with the scoped package name. After a lot of back-and-forth over the configuration possibilities, I almost gave up and just avoided trying to add types for this package altogether!

While reflecting on how nice and easy the “just install a @types/ package” approach to third-party type definitions is, it occurred to me that I could probably write my own @types/ package for it within the repo and have my package manager actually install it into node_modules. This would satisfy all of the tools and avoid needing any custom tsconfig.json magic; for all intents and purposes, it would be a “normal” @types/ package that just so happened to come from inside the repo instead!

I was able to achieve this by first creating a package within the repo for the type definitions. Note that this does not need to be a workspace package; it’ll work just fine without that.

mkdir -p types/organization__package-name
echo '{ "name": "@types/organization__package-name" }' > package.json
touch types/organization__package-name/index.d.ts

Then, in the package.json for your project, add the following:

  "devDependencies": {
    "@types/organization__package-name": "file:./types/organization__package-name"

Note that the naming here is important: for scoped npm packages, the expectation for the corresponding @types package (because it, itself, is within the @types scope) is to remove the @ from the name of the scope and join the scope and package name with two underscores in a row. The path on your file system can really be anything; it’s the key in your devDependencies that is actually important for TypeScript to locate the files automatically.

After installing your new dependencies with whichever package manager you prefer, you’re all set to fill out your index.d.ts file with the types for your dependency!